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Dr. Stepen Porges, both a luminary and a brilliant psychologist, who established the crucially important Polyvagal Theory, astutely remarked in 2022  “As Humans, we are on a lifelong quest to feel safe”.  The purpose of this blog, based on the science of safety, is to provide you with information and support so that you can feel safe.  It is not a replacement for therapy but simply a place to learn why our body’s betray us in our attempts to feel safe, and what we can do about this.  The work in this blog will be drawn from the book I wrote in 2023 for Parents ( presently looking for a publisher). Dr Porges has agreed to write the foreword for the book once we have secured a publisher. Meanwhile, utilizing this blog and our dedicated Facebook group, titled “Parenting Help” (, as our platforms for interaction, I’ll continually relay the insightful gleanings from my book. This not only promises to offer you rich and varied perspectives to imbibe but will also create a vibrant community of proactive individuals eager to discover the science behind feeling safe.

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Human touch can be a powerful cue of safety.